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Cascading style sheets

Building a responsive sidebar application layout

I wanted to share a CSS and webcomponent layout that I’ve been pretty happy with in a few projects. With webcomponents now widely supported, I was able to remove one of the last bit of inline scripts I had left in docket converting it to a webcomponent. The layout offers a layout with a 250px sidebar and content area.

Re-designing CakePHP

Myself and the rest of the CakePHP team recently embarked on a journey to refresh and redesign the CakePHP website and brand. I wanted to delve into my process and thinking around the changes.

The cakephp.org website has been around for quite sometime. Its previous incarnation served the project amazingly well.

Creating folded ribbons edges with CSS

While working on tweaking a notification box design, I wanted to include the element’s heading in a folded ribbon element. I also wanted to avoid using any images and just use CSS. Mostly to try my hand at using generated content and some CSS that I don’t normally get to use.

Cleaning house and sprucing up the place

Its been a few weeks of working in the evenings but its pretty much done. I’ve been wanting to do this redesign for a while now. 2 years ago when I built the version of this domain you’ve all come to know, I attempted to create a design that was different from other programming blogs, and fused my interests in both design and programming. I feel it turned out well.

Geshi CSS Pack

A CSS pack to be used with geSHi clones 4 Textmate themes to be used on your site. Included themes are Mac Classic, Twilight, Dawn and Vibrant Ink