• Waiting
  • Scissor Bird
  • Giraffe
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • On Guard
  • Sunset 1
  • CakePHP - Halloween/Undead
  • CakePHP test suite icons part 2
  • Balloon Animals
  • Fish!
  • Passive Giant
  • the havenots
  • Got it?
  • Trapped

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Recent Writing

Two new side projects - xhgui2 & lint-review

I try to keep fairly busy. Between work, being a dad, and working on existing open source projects, I found time to work on two new ones.


Profiling is a very interesting topic for me. I love spending time sifting through results trying to find ways to make code run faster or use less memory. XHProf is a C-extension created by Facebook.

Moving to linode

I recently moved hosting for this blog and my wife’s site to a shiny new linode. I did this because I wanted to have control over the versions of PHP, and other server software I ran. I had some issues with email blacklists at my previous host. I chose linode as I’ve heard nothing but good things from friends and my operations folks at work recommended them.

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