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  • Super consumer - black card
  • God is in the T.V
  • Bomb the world to peace(s)
  • Organic Car
  • Sing a sad Song
  • Struggle - Fishing
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  • Hippopotamus
  • CakeFest Berlin 2009 Badges
  • Trapped
  • You are what you wear

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Recent Writing

Compatibility Breaks in CakePHP 3.0

There will be a number of backwards compatibility (BC) breaks in the CakePHP 3.0.0 release. I thought it might be helpful to go over some of the reasons breaks in compatibility have been made. Each time we’ve had to break compatibility with 2.x we’ve done so because the existing behaviour fell into a few categories of problems. I’ll go over a few of the bigger categories in detail.

Two new side projects - xhgui2 & lint-review

I try to keep fairly busy. Between work, being a dad, and working on existing open source projects, I found time to work on two new ones.


Profiling is a very interesting topic for me. I love spending time sifting through results trying to find ways to make code run faster or use less memory. XHProf is a C-extension created by Facebook.

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