Year one of baking CakePHP

Today is the one year anniversary of my first commit to CakePHP, amazing how time flies. It seems not too long ago that gwoo and nate approached me to join the core team and help with writing the tests for 1.2. What started with test cases soon bloomed into full blown commit access and had me working on all parts of the core. Year one also saw the creation of DebugKit which is nearing its 1.1 release, as well as a rewrite of So it was a pretty busy year. For those who love stats, here are some from the last year:

  • 1,059 commits, 670 commits to CakePHP, 228 to DebugKit, and 159 to ApiGenerator.
  • 170 tickets on closed or assigned to/by me.

Not a bad start, but hopefully I can improve on that record. I would like to thank the rest of the core team for bringing me on and making CakePHP as great as it is. I would also like to thank the community for supporting CakePHP, and reading my ramblings.


Good work indeed, keep it up!

nik on 5/6/09

Wow, time really does fly by in a hurry.

I still remember the first time a new name poped-up on the trac timeline and I was quite curious.

I’ll have to say: Good work mate, please keep it up!!


Gustavo carreno on 5/6/09

Congratulations Mark, keep up the good work. I can’t even tell you what a contribution you’ve made to the team.

Nate Abele on 5/6/09

Good work man. Always enjoy reading your posts and hearing about the new stuff you have commited. Keep them coming for another year!

David Berry on 5/6/09

I have to say Mark that you are probably the biggest mistake Gwoo and Nate ever made.

You are, BY FAR, the worst coder I have ever seen. Your skills can only be comparable to a 5 year old, on prozac, with one eye, and no hands.

What do you expect? I thought I should be original ;)

Kidding aside, you kick ass man. Really. You are not only a great coder, but a great human being. Being Canadian, that’s a whole accomplishment ;)

Mariano Iglesias on 5/7/09

Thanks for all your efforts Mark, you sure have made CakePHP a better place.

Brett Wilton on 5/7/09

I’m in love with the man who fixes all my cakephp tickets !!! ;-)

Seriously, just a big thanks for all your work.


Sébastien Charrier on 5/7/09

Good job!…Keep it on.

Lucian Lature on 5/7/09

Congrats Mark, I really appreciate your work as does the entire community.

Marc Grabanski on 5/8/09

Thanks for all the kind words, even you Mariano :)

mark story on 5/9/09

Congrats Mark, you are always such a great help in the channel!

-Adam (releod)

Adam Doeler on 5/9/09

I’ll try to post more code consistency tickets for you to assign to yourself, so you can get your count up :)

petteyg on 5/10/09

@petteyg Keep’em coming :)

mark story on 5/14/09

Good work Mark!
And alos thanks for all the help to us on IRC!

primeminister on 6/2/09

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