New home for DebugKit

Well its been a while coming but today, DebugKit officially left GitHub. As noted in the past by some, the CakePHP family of projects were a bit scattered. So in an effort to consolidate everything, DebugKit has moved over to thechaw alongside other fabulous CakePHP projects like CakeBook and ApiGenerator. So now you have one less place to look when trying to find things. Bonuses of making the move, is that DebugKit now has its own ticket queue! so all of you wondering where and how you could tell me to do a better job now have a venue for that. Lastly, the old wiki has been moved over in its entirety.

I’ve been busy working on some new features for DebugKit as well as refactoring existing ones, so if you want to live on the edge clone the master branch, give it a spin and let me know what you think.


Any plans for thechaw to have a nice “download tarball” like there is on github ?

It’s a lot easier than installing git for a lot of folks.

Rob Weaver on 2/6/09

I agree, also maybe it’s something to do with the design but I liked GitHub better.

Andrew on 2/10/09

I get this error when I try to use gut clone:
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
I think it would be much easier to point to any kind of tar.gz file.

Organo Plumbo on 3/2/09

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