Free slides - CakeFest Argentina

I’ve uploaded the slides from the talks I gave at CakeFest Argentina. Both unit test talks are one file, as that is how it was originally written. You can find them in my Downloads area. Hope you enjoy.


I want to get all CakeFest Argentina slides. ok?

wang on 12/12/08

Thanks for the slides :)

Anton (freenity) on 12/12/08

Thanks for the slides as well.

Christian Siegert on 12/17/08

Hey Mark,
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the “Plugin Development” slides shows a wrong approach for plugin fixtures loading: slides tell one to use “pluginName.fixture_name”, while looking at the code we can see that CakeTest::_loadFixtures() expects plugin fixtures to be named as “plugin.plugin_name.fixture_name”.

Anyway, good material. Thanks.

Rafael Bandeira on 12/19/08

oh… problems with urls again… hehehehe … now, when using http:// it will create something like http://http//

need some help?! ;-P
Regards mr.yoda

Rafael Bandeira on 12/19/08

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