CakePHP 1 year later

This time last year, amid rumours that the end of CakePHP was nigh, CakePHP died and rose from the dead . The year that followed those events, has been a very exciting one. CakePHP continues to be a thriving project with huge popularity, and a growing community. This year has a number of milestones as well.

  • CakePHP 1.3.0 was released, and has had 5 additional maintenance releases.
  • CakePHP 1.2 has had 2 maintenance releases.
  • The localized and datasources were released.
  • We moved from thechaw, to github and lighthouse
  • Development was started and is progressing well for 2.0.
  • CakeFest 2010 was a huge success and had attendees from all over the globe came to Chicago. 2 days of great talks and a giant edible CakePHP cake to celebrate 5 years of CakePHP followed.
  • The new bakery launched with better tools to enable more community participation.

So to total that up, that’s 9 releases, and a pile of other cool stuff. All in all, I have to say that’s a pretty awesome 12 months for a project powered by a relatively small group of people. Of course none of this would be possible or relevant without the great community that CakePHP has. A community that didn’t waver when rumours of CakePHP’s demise were spouted by a few people. A community that has welcomed the many changes that occurred in the project, and one that has grown with those changes.

I guess, I’d like to thank everyone in the CakePHP community for the hard work, and love over the last year. I think the year past is an example of what a great open source community can do and be, if their hearts are in the right place.


You say “none of this would be possible or relevant without the great community that CakePHP has”

I’d say “none of this would be possible without Mark Story”. So – thanks, Mark!

Edmunds on 11/3/10

Wish there was a “like” button here :) Great job to everyone on the CakePHP team.

Dan on 11/3/10

Thanks to you !
According to github, you’ve been working really hard to make the 2.0 rocks !

pi3r on 11/3/10

hey mark this project is your baby now! thanks for putting so much time into the project

jblotus on 11/3/10

Hey Mark,

thanks to you and everyone on the CakePHP team. Your work is greatly appreciated. Thumbs up, and continue your great work. From Cologne, Germany,


Torsten Mueller on 11/3/10

Cakephp is alive!!
Thank you very much for this wonderful framework.

Marco on 11/3/10

Thanks to everyone who works on this project.

CakePHP continues to make my life easier and I keep learning so much from looking at all of your code, making me a better programmer.

Alan Blount on 11/3/10

お疲れ様, Mark!

Thank you for all the time and hard work you’re investing into this project. I’ll keep bugging you and the rest of the crew with annoying tickets. ;)

deceze on 11/4/10

Thanks a lot for this great framework. Helps me save a lot of time. Keep on doing that great work!


Paul Paulsen on 11/4/10

Mark, you’re a legend and a genius. Thanks for everything.

Neil Crookes on 11/4/10

Thank you for CakePHP. I appreciate everything you (Mark Story) and the community have done.

emptywalls on 11/4/10

Thanks to everybody that gives a hand with Cake, it’s awesome.

Robert Starsi on 11/4/10

thank you Mark and the rest of the Cake team,
without this framework and great community around I would not be able to put together a proper, coherent application.
I really appreciate all the work you guys put into the cake and helping people on forums, bakery….

ondrobaco on 11/5/10

Thanks for all the comments everyone :) I really appreciate them. Knowing that CakePHP is helping developers, is part of what keeps me motivated to maintain and improve it.

mark story on 11/5/10

Awesome.. Way to go Guys. All the Best

Harsha M V on 11/6/10

Great to here (and important to say!) mark :-)
Cake Php has helped me build several websites now for a variety of businesses and different designs. The high stability of the releases really ease development and the move to github and lighthouse was good strategy. Thank you to yourself and the other debs for contributing so much.

Luke on 11/6/10

that should be DEVS not debs :) as in developers not debutantes …


Luke on 11/7/10

I love Cake and I’m looking forward to version 2.0

Thank you for all the work!

Juri on 11/8/10

Love the cake so much! You make my life as a developer much more peaceful! Maybe you could join the IE team? Make my life even better then?!?

Peter on 11/8/10

I’ve been using CakePHP since late-1.1/early-1.2, really impressed how far the framework has come. Keep up the good work everyone!

Zoltan H. on 11/8/10

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