Acl Extras Updated to CakePHP 1.3

Over the long Ontario weekend, I took some time to update Acl Extras. It now works with plugins and the improvements made to the Auth + Acl for 1.3. The master branch contains the CakePHP 1.3 compatible version. While the 1.0.0 tag, and 1.0 branch are still compatible with CakePHP 1.2. Big thanks to José Lorenzo Rodríguez for the help on getting plugins woring. Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any problems with it.


How about making it an official part of cake distributions? acl_extras is a must for anyone who uses cake’s acl!

Adam on 2/17/10

Has anyone ever mentioned problems where controllers and actions happen to have the same name?

I had problems with earlier versions of AcoExtras/AcoSync where (for example) the controller and action were both named “home” and the aco tree ended up corrupted with duplicate nodes.

Robert on 2/18/10

Robert: No, but I do have the tickets setup on github, so if someone did want to report an issue they could. But since no one has reported anything, I’m not aware of any issue.

mark story on 2/19/10

Quick question :
What means -1/0/1 set for _create/_update … in acos_aros table ?

Valentin on 3/18/10

Thanks for the update.

I’m using the sql query as posted on to get all the permissions. However, now that the plugin node is included in the acos tree the data set returned by the query isn’t quite right. I’m wondering if the plugin node is required for the auth check to work correctly in cakephp 1.3 (kind of presuming it is, hence the update to the script) or whether it is possible to remove the plugin node and revert back to controller and action nodes only for plugins, like in the previous version of acl_extras for cakephp 1.2?


Edd on 5/11/10

Hi again,

it’s nice to see that you still improve your ACL project.

TopCoder on 2/24/11

I have missed this plugins!!! But now, i’m very happy because before i read this post i have pb to map ACL with a plugin controller.

I update “Auth and ACL an end to end tutorial pt.2” with this code and it’s very very nice and cool for my app.

Thank you.

zian on 6/24/11

i am using cake 1.3 , but i dont know to use Acl Extras, thanks gan.

gempals on 2/14/13

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