Eclipse Replacement Icon

Eclipse Replacement Icon

Replacement icon for Eclipse. MacOS .icns format.



It doesn’t Download. It shows 0 kb…..

anonymous user on 10/1/08

It should be working now, seems the .icns got messed up while uploading.

mark story on 10/2/08

It’s not working on Eclipse 3.4 and thre Preview app on my Mac can’t open it

anonymous user on 10/15/08

Caio Gondim: cannot open .icns files. This is not a png icon, its a system icon file, you need to copy and paste it inside the folder structure.

mark story on 10/18/08

I know it ;)
I have succesfully replaced wih another icon, and even previewed t with

I have replaced the Zend Studio icon with the original Eclipse icon. But with yours it isn’t working…=/

Any help?? Or chance of you send me the original file so i can make the icon here by myself

Tkx in advance

anonymous user on 10/24/08

Caio Gondim: I looked at the icon again and it seems that unlike most Mac applications Eclipse really wants the smaller versions to be included in the .icns file. I’ve regenerated the icon with all sizes and colour depths. It seems to be working much better now. Try re-downloading it again, and seeing if it works.

mark story on 10/25/08

Working nice now!!

Very nice icon btw, gratz! =)

anonymous user on 10/25/08

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